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Growing Your own Garden

I can hear you thinking “I have no idea how to grow vegetables”. Yes you can easily learn enough to be growing useful crops very quickly, and the time spent in your garden will teach you even more. You will learn things that are unique to your own situation, such as local soil conditions, your particular relationship to the sun, and oddities that relate to your local micro climate. You will learn all this by getting out and playing in the garden.

The taste of home grown vegetables is way better then the commercially grown produce you get in the store. Have you heard people complain that tomatoes no longer have any taste? They will have that taste when you grow your own….in fact anything you will grow will have that taste. That is what I missed the most when I had decided not to grow my own garden for a few years. The lack of taste with the commercial garden is not all the fault of the growers, as they are under pressure to produce a crop, of uniform size and colour, to the schedule of the wholesale market, and ultimately the supermarket. You will be growing to your own schedule and just the beauty of watching things grow..

The freshness of your own crop is a big plus. Vegetables I have bought from the store, have started to become inedible after a few days. I have had home grown produce like lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions….your salad stuff….. still fresh in the refrigerator after 2 weeks! Root vegetables like carrots and potatoes will last the winter stored in a coldroom that is kept basically the same temp as a refrigerator. Other vegetables like beans, peas, corn, beets, yes even spinach can be canned or frozen.

Your garden can produce a generous yield. It’s like having free vegetables. Summer is usually a time of abundance, even glut, as family and friends leave your place with perhaps more produce than they had expected to see. A tip – when giving away fresh produce, try to limit your generosity – it is better to give a small amount to many rather than to give to the few more than they can actually use.

This may be your first garden…wanting to know more….. browsing the bookstores, you will find hundreds of books on the topic – which do you buy? Look for the simple, basic information. Do not bother with those full of jargon – you will learn the technical terms as you go. If you want after you have experimented…learned on your own…..then want that extra knowledge…..then yes do buy the book(s) full of the extra info.

You will hear ‘all the extra tips’ from the family, such as “Uncle Bob always put … (you name it) … on his … (name it again)”. Folklore is part of our heritage, there is no guarantee of its usefulness……but it is fun and interesting to give it a try. We have.

You will hear from the genius, who has done nothing, but still knows all the answers – nod wisely, and then ignore him. Plants evolved millions of years before humans, and they actually want to grow. It has been said that in many cases plants grow despite what we do to help them. If you provide the basics, and these are reasonable nutrition and regular watering, Mother Nature does the rest – let her work for you……enjoy the beauty of growth and the bounty of the harvest.


Blogging with WordPress

WordPress is one of the many blogging software available, very easy to use makes it a plus. There are is a variety of templates to choose from….and great support. There are other types of software, but WordPress seems to be a favorite out there. I’d like to offer some useful information for you who are considering starting your blog with WordPress such as reasons to choose WordPress, tips on starting a blog and information about the support offered by WordPress. Based on this information as well as your own research you can decide if this is the way for you to go.

Reasons to Choose WordPress

There are many great reasons to choose WordPress to start your blog. Some of the reasons include a great variety of templates, the ability to categorize and tag posts easily, spell check, previews and autosave, the ability to post text, audio files and video files, a variety of privacy options and the ability to track statistical data related to the blog in addition to other great features. Some of these features may be more important to you than others so deciding to use WordPress will be a matter of personal preference. For example if you have little or no experience you may enjoy the many templates available on WordPress while others who are concerned about privacy issues may be more interested in the privacy options available through WordPress. Considering these features will help you decide if you should start a blog with WordPress or not.

Starting a Blog with WordPress

If you plan on starting a blog with WordPress you will not be disappointed by the amount of time it takes to start a blog. You can literally start a blog with WordPress within minutes. Very important to you bloggers who are eager to get started blogging. The only requirements for starting a blog are a valid email address and a username. You enter this information into the sign up page and get a password almost instantly. Next you simply have to check your email, follow the activation link provided and use the password provided and the process is complete. Now you can start blogging immediately.

Support Offered by WordPress

To you first time bloggers the type of support offered is very important. Also you may have a few questions about the process of starting a basic blog and you may have additional questions about using advanced features and customizing you blog. WordPress offers a great deal of support for bloggers of all skill levels. The support offered by WordPress includes the ability to contact support staff as well as the ability to receive support from other members through their online forums. This way you have support of the support staff and enjoy the ability to communicate with other bloggers in the forum which are active 24 hours a day and you can find support from peers or share ideas at any time.


How to Learn Your Blogging Software

Most blogging software is designed to be simple to use. I know what you are thinking…yeah right! Especially if you are new to the blogging world. Learning to use the blogging software is the most difficult part of blogging. I’m learning as I go. So can you.

The main thing that will help is take your time. Yes you will be excited. New thing. Wanting to get your say out there. Take it slow. Get to know the program first. Yes you will want to start exploring the most complicated features of a program right away. Don’t; it will just frustrate you to no end. Then you may just want to say ‘Forget it!! I can’t do this!!’ Take your time to learn the basics of your blogging software first before you move on to the more advanced techniques, you will retain what you have learned, and yes you will keep feeling positive about your ability to understand the world of blogging. Happy blogging! See you out there!!


Lesson learned the hard way.

So happy to have my blog up and running. Told to have between 10 and 15 blog posts so I can get my blog social bookmarked.

I buckled down with excitement….. a bundle of nerves…..what am I going to write about??

Finally got going like there was no end.

Uploaded them all with excitement and anticipation…..

Something told me to check to see how our Internet Explorer friends will see my blog……the whole side bar was gone!!

I yelled for help. Was told it was stray coding……I used Word?? I go ‘Say What???’

So now what do I do? I googled for info. Sites told me to try editing in notepad. I systematically went through all my post….very happy I didn’t have a 100 of them. Still didn’t help.

I googled again…..I found a different answer…..was told’s not that. You need to get rid of the stray coding that MS Word leaves behind Yes you guessed it WordPress and MS Word don’t get along.

I had to edit most of my posts by going into edit again…this time clicking on the html tab getting rid of the stray code.

When all was all said and done. Went and checked in Internet Explorer…my sidebar was back!!

From now on….I do all my posts in notepad. Paste into WordPress then use their editing capabilities….like bold etc etc.

Why am I telling you this? I don’t want it to happen to you.