How were you told to grow your network marketing home business?

How were you told to grow your network marketing home business? Use fliers, bug family and friends? Buy leads, hold meetings?

When you joined your first network marketing company, you were told to use these same techniques. The first marketing strategy you were told to use was get paper and pen and get busy on a names list of my closest and dearest. Do you know that many people? Was your first question!! So you sat and wrote name after name. Then you called or visited these people.

After all of the rejections you had it!! Not working!! All your upline told you was you didn’t have a strong enough “why” for the business. You thought having a good reason and knowledge of the business would be enough. Wrong! Your “why” was strong but your “how” was nowhere in sight. You needed a “how”to get people to come to you. My goal would have to have interested traffic that came to you and become sign ups in a marketing system then into my online business.

Youi want a marketing system that wasn’t costly to run. It’s repeatability you want. Something generic that could be customize and wouldn’t interfere with your main business. You want something to help capture, attract and give content to the people out there.

Knowing what you want this marketing system may be the key. It had everything. I haven’t looked back. You want to do the same? Best the system is F R E E See for yourself…….

Your network mentor

Sandi Chomyn
skype: sandi.c222

PS. What have you got to loose? Nothing it’s F R E E What have you got to gain? Targeted leads that want what you have to offer.



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