1. Why
Why is so important because it is where you should begin before you start doing anything. Why am I going to this school? Why am I starting this business? Why should I go for this trip? Why is a reference point and you can always reflect back when things do not go your way. Your why should be Strong and have some Emotion attached to it. If you have a weak Why do not expect to succeed because when you hit the slightest bump you will quit what you started.

2. Why Not
Why Not is the next question because this is where you define your goals and get a clear picture of what you intent to do. If you have clear goals and time line to accomplish your project then Why Not is easy. If you are not clear on what you want to pursue or how to then Why Not is not possible.

3. Why Not You
This is where the emotional element kicks in Big time. Why Not You simply means that if other people can succeed and accomplish their goals you too can do the same. This requires inner or self reflection to know yourself.

4. Why Not Now
The past is gone and we cannot do anything about it. The future is not promised to anyone. We live in the present and the time to start is now. Do not wait to have all the pieces together to start. If you have the Why, Why Not and Why Not You then it is time to start working on your dreams.

So tell me what are you going to do about your why?



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