Well I do. And most likely you do too.

Farming can be one of the most unscheduled lifestyles you can get at times. Interrupted meals…..lack of sleep……especially during seeding, harvest and calving time. So I thought. Our health is so very important. Something we all tend to neglect.

And neglect; yes both hubby and I have done it. Being on the farm you are prone to bumps, burses, cuts, strains, lifting/moving the wrong way….which leads to…yes I am saying it; pain and inflammation. I had cellulitis that developed a blood clot three years ago; that left me not feeling 100% healthy. This spring I was introduced to something that has made a world of difference. The constant swelling is under control. The pain is almost 100% gone. I have a lot more energy. I don’t tire as easy anymore. I’m enjoying life again!! Going for walks; enjoying having fun again with family and friends. Hubby seeing how it has worked for me is on it now too. He says he has a lot more energy and feels healthier then he has for a long time. We both get a restful sleep and wake up refreshed!!

From conversations with family and friends I have suggested they try Nopalea. Some have done it on their own. A few I have sent them A Gift.

I believe this may help you or someone you know.

I would like you, or someone you know to take the challenge!!! I’d like to send a Gift, to the first 10 that respond. It’s up to you now. Do you want to be on your way to a happier lifestyle??

Available in Canada and USA only.

Contact me Sandi Chomyn

By phone: 1 306 597 4534
By skype: sandi.c222
By email: sandichomyn@gmail.com



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