The weather is warm…the sun is shining… sign of rain……a very go day to go garage sailing…
How many of us have gone to garage sales for things you needed but came away with lots of things you could have lived with out?
I did a lot of that til I went through all the stuff I owned and hadn’t seen for weeks maybe even years.I now go with the following instilled in my mind. Do I need it? Will it serve it’s purpose?
This past week I went with that in mind. I came away with a lot of goodies all that I know I will use and all at a good deal.There was a multi-garage sale in our village and in the town next to us… it was an all day excursion with friends!! Loved it!
It was surprising what was out there. I’ve wanted a portable CD player so I could take it with me on my walks. Got one for a whole dollar….and it works perfectly!! Went to another one a couple blocks down and got an mp3 player for $7!! I’m all set now.Of course I had to add to my reading collection……I was a bit disappointed there. Wasn’t a large selection……then again I may have missed them. We had a late start to the day. You need to be early to these. I did end up with a couple cookbooks and a ‘Chocolate for a Woman’s Soul’ book….also a good mystery.
Being with friends that love garage sailing also makes it all that much more fun as I heard my friends say…There’s one over there…’
Will I go again? Won’t have to be asked twice!!



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