Social networking can be used for a wide variety of reasons in today’s scenario.

In personal life, you can use it to reconnect with friends, participate in forums that discuss your interests, or find a date.

Professionally, these same networking sites can be used to grow your business and prosper. In order to use the social networking sites for personal or professional use, you must learn to build proper online relationships.

Here are some ideas that will help you build good social networking connections with people online.

When you enter a community in a social networking site, you may feel a bit lost among strangers. If you wish to get known and be well liked then make it a point to act like you would want others to treat you.

Introduce yourself and ask about their interests. The person will like you and want to know you better too. This is a valuable service that you can offer to the Social Networking community as a whole.
If you are new to a community, then look for their profiles and read them. If you find a common interest then you can comment about that and invite them into a conversation. By this, you can add more value to you and/or network and get to know people who share common interests and passions.

You can also improve your relationship with other people by giving them some gifts. Your gifts should not be directly related to your work or the products you offer. This can make it seem like a sales trap and you don’t want that. Consider gifts like a PDF containing good quotations or an e-book with good tips. People will appreciate you more and want to know you better. It’s just like going to someone’s home and taking a gift as a sign of gratitude.

You must always bear in mind to apply a ‘win-win’ strategy to your social networking. Show interest in other people and they will do the same to you.



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