I glance through the Christmas CD collection and pick out a favorite. ‘Two stepping ‘Round the Christmas tree’ will do. I have now started my Christmas routine.
After years of practice I have learned a few quick tricks. Now it only takes days, where it used to take months, or so it seemed.
Writer’s cramp is a thing of the past, I now send e-mail newsletters and virtual Christmas cards. Freezer is full of store bought goodies… all I had to do is label them, cabbage, carrots or some other non goodie, so they aren’t ‘stolen’ by those who can’t wait. Gone are the baking get-togethers with friends, when I can assemble a precut gingerbread house in less time then it would take to bake. The family marks their wishes from the catalogue, I place the order, If I pay a small price they will tag and wrap. Even deliver to family that are far.
The pre-decorated tree is ready each year. All I need to do is bring it out of it’s wraps. Decorating is done in a snap. I can call my sister far away and ask her to swap our festive clothing for this year. Hey I’ll be ready in record breaking time.
Hanging those stockings on the fireplace mantel has me reaching for the switch. Hearing the cackle of that almost real looking fake flame, I glance out the window and watch the snow fall. Oh such a perfect touch.
Watching the snow fall, I start to daydream of Christmas’s past. The CD starts playing an old favorite. Filling me with memories; it gives me a jolt. I’m then not in my own home. I see Grandma basting the turkey and Grandpa putting his final trimmings on the tree singing his own rendition of “Jingle Bells” with us all joining in.
The majestic pine tree fills the room with its fresh smell. All the homemade ornaments, that we have all helped make, were hung with care. Each with it’s own special meaning. The tree can’t begin hide all the gifts brightly wrapped with matching ribbon and lace. Looks too pretty to unwrap come Christmas day.
The door bell rings bringing more cheer.
A room full of family so dear. I can see Uncle Tim and Aunt Sue smiling and kissing under the mistletoe.
The music ends along with the vision. I’m left thinking of the pre stuffed turkey, the store bought canned sauce and goodies. I felt as though something was missing, so I turn my thoughts back to the past.
Although Uncle Tim and Aunt Sue worked and were of few words, their card would be the first to arrive. Always a special picked card with a handwritten note. Wishing us good cheer; the best in the coming new year.
I peek at the calendar. It’s not too late. I rummage and find some left over cards from a year gone past. I pick a special one with a country-style Christmas scene. I start writing, ‘ Dear Uncle Tim and Aunt Sue’.



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