In my travels looking for new ideas and article content to write about I stumbled upon something I thought will be interesting to do. Guest blogging.

Now you are asking: “What is that?” Let me explain..

I’d be asking you the readers of my blog if you would like to have your articles posted here for others to read. It would be a great way to add more valuable content, free exposure for you the guest. Also drive more traffic in both directions. Who ever the guest poster is at the time will get a link to put on their blog to the article that they have posted here on my blog. I in turn will post a link back to guest’s blog so he/she would get more exposure.

So if I have a different guest poster once a week on a special guest poster page….that is four other blogs that will have more exposure.

You can do the same on your blog …..that will bring in more traffic to you too. Plus you won’t have to write as many articles….as we all would be sharing valuable knowledge.

What do you think?? Is this a good idea? Or is it something better left alone?



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