I’m a mom and grandma living out in the country with my hubby of 36 years. After living in a northern mining community for a few years we decided to move our family of 3 boys to a small farming community….where we have been for the last 25 years. We have grown canola and wheat, raised chickens, cattle, and yes wild boar. Gardening has become a way of life…..so you can say out kids have seen a
varity of different things……the most fascinating was seeing a new calf be born.

I have always enjoyed photography…I have been taking my camera for walks with me. I have been playing with computer graphics programs…so I decided to see if I could integrate the both together. It has been a very interesting learning curve and hobby.

I like to be creative in learning anything I do. I feel we are always on a learning curve everyday of our lives…which I think is awesome!! I have always enjoyed working with and on computers…..by the time my kids were teens had I them all interested too….now my oldest is a networker for small to large businesses.

Farming has been hit with hard times like the rest of the industries. Wanting to help with the income I thought I would utilize the net and go into internet marketing. It’s been a real learning curve to learn all the ins and outs of knowing what works and doesn’t work. I have taken a few courses taught by network marketing leaders. I have taken the 90 day and 28 day challenges along with training in affiliate Marketing. Now I am on a team that specializes in training the newbees of online network marketing. I have obtained the tools and know-how that got me up and running fast while positioning me as a leader. I have learned people want to get to know you the person…..not you the business. They want to join people they know, like, and trust……..not your product……..

So lets go back to my homepage where you can learn more……