Our Masterminds Group

is a place to join and collaborate with other Business Minded Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Network Marketers and Affiliate Marketers. Our Masterminds Group (O.M.G) was established in February 2010 by Cory Crabb and has steadily grown into a massive force with only one mission: To Help Others!

What is a Mastermind Group?

A mastermind group is simply an alliance of two or more individuals dedicating themselves to a specific goal.

Our Masterminds Group’s Goal

There are two (2) main reasons why 97% of marketers struggle in their network marketing business.

1. Lack of Support
2. Lack of Training

Our goal is to increase the success rate by providing the support and training that we all need in order to succeed. The group will join forces with YOU to become a successful full-time online marketer by working together to reach a common goal.

O.M.G. Triad Support System

Network marketing is about people helping people. No longer will you feel alone. Participating in O.M.G., you will receive the following support:

* Emotional Support

You may have friends and families that are not fully supportive because they do not understand the process in which you must endure to be successful. O.M.G. is your online family of supporters and can relate to your experiences.

* Mindset Support

Being in the right mindset is 80% of the equation towards success. You will need to shift your mindset to become the person who is ready to achieve it. O.M.G. provides a library with some of the most brilliant masterminds in personal grow and mindset.
* Technical Support

Collectively as a mastermind group, we all bring our talents and skills to the table. O.M.G. is a good source to receive technical support from any of our experts.

You know the old saying “two heads are better then one”. Take advantage of our “Live Chat” support on Skype. Connect with our leaders and ask them questions.

O.M.G. Training Center

In order for your current situation to change you must change. Constantly educating yourself will allow you to provide more valuable content to your readers. The O.M.G. Training Center provides training in all areas of network marketing.

You will have access to the following training:

* Live Training Calls

Join our Live Training calls on Tuesdays from 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM est. Participate in the Q & A and ask questions to clarify anything you may have regarding the training.
* Video Library

Access our vast video library covering a wide range of categories:
* Social Media Secrets – What’s is working now!
* List Building – You need a list of hungry prospects.
* Technical Training – We provide videos to breakdown the technical lingo into every day language.

o Road Map to Success

To be successful, you must follow a plan, a daily routine to keep you moving toward your goals. The Road Map to Success is Our Masterminds Groups’s step by step daily plan. Each participate will follow the daily plan providing support to other members, position them as leaders in social media sites.

Do you recognize the benefits of being part of Our Masterminds Group? Come meet the leaders. You are invited to be my guest at my O.M.G Masterminds Facebook Group and experience for yourself the support of all our members.



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