I was going through things in the hall closet (trying that de-cluttering thing again)…..this was one of the treasures I found. Reading it over….I thought…..now here is a good “food for thought” blog post!!! Sure wish I knew who wrote this!! A lot went into it! Enjoy the read….see how many you can fit into your life.

Positive Words

Laugh from the toes up • Take time for yourself • Give handmade Birthday cards • Shovel someone else’s walk • Lay in a field and watch the clouds • Feed the birds • Seek the wisdom of older people • Use only one parking spot at a time • Howl even when the moon isn’t full • Eat dessert first • Phone someone for no reason • Focus on people’s good points • Never stop learning • Be known as the one who always gets things done • Make someone happy • Listen to the quiet • Instead of making promises, make commitments • Be proud of your accomplishments • Never refuse homemade chocolate chip cookies • Be spontaneous • Make the most of the weather • Exercise your body and your mind • Get involved – volunteer • Start your day with a smile • Make memories • Count your blessings • Give a dandelion bouquet • Return borrowed books • Laugh at yourself • Listen to a child • Watch a sunrise; share a sunset • Leave the toilet seat down • Think big but relish small pleasures • Remember other people’s birthdays • Be the first to say “Hello” • Enjoy the moment • Eat by candlelight • Believe in yourself • Always say ”Thank You” • Admit your mistakes • Surround yourself with positive people • Give complements often • Look for opportunities, not guarantees • Celebrate life • Give credit where credit is due • Influence by example • Be patient • Hug your computer • Look for shooting stars • Smile at a stranger • Initiate a change • Be your own best friend • Plant a tree • Tell those you love that you do • Leave things a little better then when you found them • Be forgiving of yourself and others • Never hesitate to say “I don’t know” • Make new friends but cherish old ones • Always accept an outstretched hand • Strive for excellence, not perfection • Give your enthusiasm to everyone • Eat an ice cream cone from the bottom….



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