How to Enter a Forum. I just sign up and post right? Wrong.

The first thing… Read the rules. Every forum approach things differently from how you display links to even what you can talk about.

Don’t come in gang busters!! No need to prove yourself or get excited about showing everyone your knowledge etc. Get to know the community first. Hang out for a while. Introduce yourself politely. If there is a separate area set aside for intros us it to introduce yourself….then start browsing.

Get to know the other posters… Remember a lot of these people may known each other for a while. They may even be doing business behind the scenes.

Once you have a feel for it, start helping out. If you have any knowledge to contribute, provide it.

Learn… Read… Learn… Read some more… Ask questions…

The bottom line is very few people can go crazy right from the get go. There is an exception here or there, but as a rule the community wants to see you contribute for a while before you get bold. They need and want to get to know you first.

Definitely don’t provide a sales pitch in your first post…not even your second or third. The feel of the forum will let you know when it is OK. You will getting flaming posts and anger the community doing too early or the wrong way. Everyone will see it as spam.

It’s just like building any relationship. Easy at first until you get to know each other.

Forums are powerful things. Don’t abuse that power. And don’t ruin your reputation…treat
everyone with the respect you would want to receive.


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