So happy to have my blog up and running. Told to have between 10 and 15 blog posts so I can get my blog social bookmarked.

I buckled down with excitement….. a bundle of nerves…..what am I going to write about??

Finally got going like there was no end.

Uploaded them all with excitement and anticipation…..

Something told me to check to see how our Internet Explorer friends will see my blog……the whole side bar was gone!!

I yelled for help. Was told it was stray coding……I used Word?? I go ‘Say What???’

So now what do I do? I googled for info. Sites told me to try editing in notepad. I systematically went through all my post….very happy I didn’t have a 100 of them. Still didn’t help.

I googled again…..I found a different answer…..was told’s not that. You need to get rid of the stray coding that MS Word leaves behind Yes you guessed it WordPress and MS Word don’t get along.

I had to edit most of my posts by going into edit again…this time clicking on the html tab getting rid of the stray code.

When all was all said and done. Went and checked in Internet Explorer…my sidebar was back!!

From now on….I do all my posts in notepad. Paste into WordPress then use their editing capabilities….like bold etc etc.

Why am I telling you this? I don’t want it to happen to you.



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