Do You Teach Or Just Sell???

Have you ever dealt with a pushy sales person? They can get you riled up right? Can I help you today? I think you should buy this? This looks good on you…On and on…it never stops. Sometimes you just want to be blunt and tell them to buzz off… Instead you just smile and say no I am just looking and will let you know if I need you.

Now what if the same person approached you differently. For example; if you are in a furniture store instead of trying to sell you something they were to teach you instead. Told you where the furniture came from. Who crafted it etc. That would make you feel better about buying that particular piece of furniture. Another example if you are trying to sell your house you would prefer a Realtor who is going to teach you the legal aspects of selling your house. Once you know he/she is knowledgeable then you will be comfortable listing your house with them.

In order to Teach you must Learn!

Separate yourself from the amateurs by becoming a student and learn your product/resources. People will always sense if you know what you are talking about because you will have confidence.


So remember. When you teach, people will regard you as an expert and will always want to buy from you.


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