Keywords are what people type into search engines. They may be single words or phrases. These are what makes it easy to find information on any topic you want. When you type in the search box you are using keyword(s) or keyword phrases. These are the keys that help you find what you are looking for.

Articles or other information that you see on the net use certain keywords over and over again through the information they are writing about. Search engines pick up on the keywords in the article(s) and when you type in your keywords the article(s) or information with your keywords (phrases) will show in the search engine list.

Keywords are a major part of any search you do. Look at any search engine. You will also see ads that people pay for on particular keywords or phrases. With proper placement and use of keywords and keyword phrases they can be used bring people to your business.

There are two types of keywords which are:
# shorttail: keywords that are broad like “books”
# longtail: keywords that are more specific and have multiple words like “mystery books”

Putting together longtail keyword lists will drive more highly targeted people than shorttail keywords which makes longtail keywords a golden nugget.You can generate a lot of interest with short-tail keywords but you will lose in the end because they are nowhere as targeted as longtail keywords would let you become..

Use a combination of shorttail and longtail keywords. Focus more on the longtail keywords that will drive more potential targeted people to your site.



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