The best way to get people to follow you, is to lead by example; use relationship marketing as your tactic.

What is relationship marketing?

The name of the game is to build as many relationships as possible in a short amount of time. Many inexperienced marketers believe they need to send their affiliate link out to everybody. They don’t ask who the person is, but they jabber down some crafty one liner message. If you adopt this strategy, you will compromise your success. Instead, take a short moment to strike a quick friendship with the individual.

Remember that relationships are not made overnight. When you come across as a sleazy salesman that is how they will see you. Think about the person you are talking to as just that, a person. Talk to them just like you would want to be talked to. If they don’t believe in you, they won’t believe in your opportunity.

Just as with relationships, businesses have to be built.

Relationship Marketing

is no exception. When you hear someone say something about making your first few thousand the first month, steer away. This takes work. I am not trying to discourage you. Just being honest with you. Many were not so honest with me when I first began and I lost money and heart. It was my purely determined business head that wouldn’t let me run.

Another thing is that you do not know how this new individual thinks yet so talk to him as if he had the same ideals. If you do not like being slammed with a lot of details then take that as his view for now. As you learn his way of thinking (which doesn’t take long if you just listen) you will know how to better approach him.

Most of all, be genuine. We have enough fakes in this industry. Be an achiever and they will see you are offering the best deal possible.

How do you do your relationship marketing?



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